"UKRITARM" Ltd - is a company that specializes in the manufacture of products for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures in the construction market in Ukraine.
The advantage of the company is the use of modern technologies and equipment of world leaders in production in this sector.

Our production
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In connection with the development and expansion of production, the Ukritarm Company changed the address and phone numbers of the office.

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Reinforcing Cage

Manufacture of armature in Kiev. All kinds of bulk reinforcement and pile   structures, bent profiles, forged and cut products.


The company "Ukritarm" has launched a new machine-tool manufactured by SCHNELL Group for the manufacture of reinforcing products.
The production process is fully automated. One of the main advantages is that the use of this machine-tool makes manufacture reinforcing frames fully without waste.

We are able to work with fittings with a diameter of up to 16 mm .

Machine SCHNELL Group model Coil-16

Official representative

Ukritarm - the Official representative of the world's leading manufacturer of forged products ARTEFERRO.

Forged products and components. Design.


Catalogue ind.i.a

Design from GONZATO

Popular products

In the catalog you can get acquainted with all kinds of our products: reinforcing and piling cages, bent profiles, forged products, plasma cutting products and much more ...

Our products are presented in the trading network of the Ukrainian supermarket "Epicenter"

Volumetric reinforcing structures (cages) to order

Piled frame

Bent profile of the reinforcement

Honorable award

Forged Products

Masonry and reinforcement mesh

Plasma cutting of metal

Recent Projects

We supply reinforced structures for large and small construction projects. We are trusted by many, as we guarantee quality, terms and large volumes of delivery.

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Reconstruction NSC Olympic, Kiev city.

Image 05

IQ Business Center, Kiev city

Image 06

Residential complex "Parkov Mistechko", Kiev city

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10 years of successful work

More than 10 years our company supplies reinforced structures for   small and large objects.

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150 construction objects

Supply of materials for more than 150 large construction projects.

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Own production

More than 10 varieties of CNC machines.
More than 50 employees.
More than 2000 square meters of enterprise departments.
More than 17 000 tons of processed metal.