Plasma cutting of metal

Plasma cutting of metal – this is one of the most effective for today thermal methods of processing of sheet assortment. Plasma cutting of metal has a high level of efficiency, high quality of the edge, the ability to work with a material of great thickness, high processing speed.

РАСКРОЙ ЛИСТОВОГО МЕТАЛЛАPlasma cutting of metal is a demanded service for our customers in Kiev and the Kiev region. This type of cutting makes it possible to significantly save on the production of metal structures, in comparison with other cutting methods (laser cutting, waterjet cutting, milling and others), at the same time to receive products that do not require further work edge.

The company "UKRITARM" performs plasma cutting of sheet metal of both black and non-ferrous metal on high-tech specialized equipment with CNC control.

The positioning accuracy is 0.1 millimeters, accuracy of plasma cutting: ± 0,25 millimeters at surface roughness of  – Rz 60 – 80. The maximum dimensions of the sheet metal – 1500 Х 3000 mm., thickness up to - до 30 mm.

We offer finished decorative products, and also we work according to customer's drawings.

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Works made using plasma cutting