Staples for construction (roofing) 200-300 pieces per day

Building staples are made to order, both from the reinforcement and from the strip by forging

строительные скобы строительные скобы, укритарм

строительные скобы

The staple sizeMeas.
200x60*8 mm pcs.
250x60*8 mm pcs.
350x60*8 mm pcs.
200x60*10 mm pcs.
250x60*10 mm pcs.
350x60*10 mm pcs.
400x60*10 mm pcs.
200x60*12 mm pcs.
250x60*12 mm pcs.
300x60*12 mm pcs.
350x60*12 mm pcs.
400x60*12 mm pcs.
25x2*400x60 mm pcs.
Staples for construction (roofing)

You can find out the manufacturing cost by contacting the office on the page: CONTACTS