Light reinforcement structures

Various reinforcement structures are manufactured using electric arc and contact welding.

Also used is a semi-automatic line of Italian production for bending and cutting reinforcement.

Capacity up to 10 tons per shift. You can find out the manufacturing cost by contacting the office on the page: CONTACTS >>

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Reinforcing cages

In our time, the construction of large buildings, business, shopping and entertainment centers, stadiums and residential complexes is rapidly developing. To accelerate the construction processes, all new approaches and technologies are required. The customer is always interested in the reliability of designs and the speed with which orders are executed. One of the ways to optimize the work is the use of light reinforcement structures.

«Ucritarm» has many years of experience in manufacturing products for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures and offers the production of high-quality light metal products that are necessary to strengthen and increase the strength of the foundation and load-bearing structures. The company pays special attention to the high quality of its products, therefore it uses only the latest technologies and certified raw materials in its work.

For the bending and cutting of the fittings, modern Italian equipment is used, for example, a semi-automatic line specially created for this type of work. To increase the strength and quality assurance in production, depending on the conditions and purpose, a variety of welding methods are used - both electric-arc and contact. The variety of approaches ensures the highest quality connection and ideal welding seams, which reinforces the reinforcing cage. Your order can be executed as soon as possible, since our company has huge capacities and can produce up to 10 tons per shift.

Multifunctionality and special physical and chemical properties of reinforcing cages allow expanding the scope of their use. These steel structures are used not only to erect new large structures and to strengthen their foundations, but also are successfully used for major repairs of old and damaged buildings. If you contact our qualified managers, you will receive a comprehensive full consultation on all issues of interest to you. We will select the required type of reinforcement and decide on the method of its connection, we will help to create an individual drawing for the necessary skeleton, we will discuss all risks and costs, we will take into account all your wishes and requirements.

Our trained and experienced specialists will install a reinforcing cage, which additionally guarantees the reliability and durability of the use of structures.

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