Welding of fasteners 'HBS' (Germany)- the highest quality at an affordable price

Despite the short history of welding fasteners in construction, the range of use in this industry is constantly expanding and giving its results and firmly established in the market in the field of construction. The main advantage of this method of construction is the rapid erection of structures, independent of weather conditions, which also reduces construction costs due to the earlier introduction of the structure into operation with guaranteed high quality. Reducing the weight of structures to 20% leads to unloading of foundations and allows increasing the economic efficiency of construction.

The "HBS" of company gun is designed for welding fasteners both in a protective inert gas environment, as well as using disposable ceramic rings of threaded ARC-hardware and nails / pins from 3 to M19mm in diameter, up to 390mm in length. It also allows the welding of ARC-insulating nails / pins.